“Yes. It’s very important for the future of the world. It’s very important for all life on Earth. This supersedes political parties, race, creed, religion, it doesn’t matter. If we do not solve the environment, we’re all damned,”

-Elon Musk (discussing sustainability)

Regardless of your political views or stance on the  sustain- ability of our current lifestyles (or the timeline thereof), it is without question that we live in an age of unprecedented consumption. More than ever, we are packaging, charging, manufacturing, traveling, transporting, burning and lighting our way through to tomorrow.

ReliAvail believes strongly in responsible and measured consumption -- a methodology whereby we strive to lessen our negative impacts on health and sustainability.

ReliAvail is committed to: right-sized and optimized usage of technology; empowering remote workforces to reduce resource consumption; reducing environmental impacts; and partnering with those who are of the same mindset.

We believe that we can all do better. We are resolved to lead the way and share our formula for success so that we might all enjoy a brighter future. How can we help you?


As a VMware certified partner since our inception, ReliAvail's experience in consolidation and integration of workloads spans many industries. Whether designing patient health records to always be available, integrating door access control, video and roam alerts for sensitive patients or ensuring that communications and reservations systems are always online for hospitality -- we know the way to your most efficient architecture. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation today...

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Packaging & Reuse

Unfortunately, technology has a huge and often negative impact on natural resources in all sorts of ways. We are keenly aware of this impact and strive to reduce consumption, reuse wherever possible and recycle always. Have technology that needs a responsible way to a new home?

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Telecommuting, BYOD & Telework

The idea that workforces always need to gather together for meaningful work is dead. As we look to a future with less travel, fewer parking lots, and more remote workers in smaller offices, security and intellectual property assurance become vastly more important. ReliAvail has a host of ready-made solutions that ensure efficiency, protection and satisfaction for the next generation. Learn more...


Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption through right-sized solutions, mobile workforce empowerment and smart consolidation is what we do best. ReliAvail works with a network of industry leaders to ensure that your systems are flexible, secure and ultimately available -- wherever your staff call work or home. How can we empower your mobile workforce? Learn more here...

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Responsible Partners

While we are great at what we do, we can't do it all alone. ReliAvail seeks to engage partners who share our vision for a more responsible and efficient future, where we can all consume less and enjoy more. We consciously partner with those who are leading the way in reducing impacts in manufacture, servicing and lifecycle solutions. Want to partner with us?

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